Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank You~!

My akad nikah and both wedding reception went well. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came, and those involved in all of the events.
Just got back in the office a few days ago after a long, long break.

In any case may Allah bless all of our lives.
Thanks again

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quickie - 15/11/2009

The wedding invitation card is ready. Yay!

As promised, well... promised or not I'm inviting you, my blog readers to my wedding reception.
Details are as on the card. Click for the bigger version

Hope that you guys can make it. On behalf of my soon-to-be wife (current status; fiance), thanks for all of your support, prayers and blessings so far. May Allah bless us and everyone forever~~~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quickie - 12/11/2009

1 month to go... in case any one of you who do read this blog ever forget, i'm getting married in December.
The wedding invitation card is ready, but it seems i can't find the time nor can i remember names of everyone whom i should invite over. Luckily for me, since the evolution of internet has made information easily accessible to everyone, i guess that for those that can access it i better be sending them an e-invitation.

so for you guys out there, the reader of this blog, you're invited. i'll try to post the invitation card here by the end of the week. if i can get the scanner up and running. My office scanner can only give B/W scans. Crud

Anyway, nothing much happened. A couple of bent rims on Aoi-chan (fixed), 1/2 consumption campaign (eat 1/2 of what i usually consume in a day, food that is), hectic work schedule, the lot.

And of course, the reason as to almost 1 month of non-posting... the connection to the net in the office sucks bad.
The end

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quickie - 20/10/2009; Deepavali, UPM, Jenson Button, Malaysia Day and condense

As usual, got cought up in the real world that i soon forgot to update the blog. Oh well... i guess i have to face the fact that i'm not able to do it so often now...
Onwards then with the posting this time around;

First and foremost, i'd like to wish all of our Hindu friends a very happy (belated) Deepavali~ Hope your celebration of lights will shine upon everyone around you~

Secondly, got invited to give a talk at UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) at their Engineering Faculty. The topic was; Mass Engineering - Cheaper but superior. I guess i had a good time although since it's my first time in giving out such seminar, there's room for improvement. Would like to thank and congratulate Acap and his team members for their invitation and effort on staging the event.

Third, and i guess i got this news late, a big big congratulations for Jenson Button on becoming an F1 world champion. I believed can become one when i saw him and how he showed his passion when he came to one of Top Gear's shows. And now, he is. I guess only he knows that all the ups and downs was worth it. Congrats again.

Fourth, Malaysia Day. Nice, another public holiday to be added on the long list of Malaysia's other public holidays. But i think this one is correct and can't be seen as a political stunt. Merdeka Day is on the day we became an independent country, but Malaysia Day is when our home soil became as it's known today. Thanks to the government for acknowledging this fact.

Last but not least, i plan to condense the 3 blogs i have right now into one. It seems that one is almost defunct, whilst the other have no coverage. And at least i'll be able to manage it properly... i think.

Nice, all of the entries completed. Have a good day~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quickie - 29/9/2009; Furnitures and OPS

Will be getting the first batch of newly purchased furnitures this evening, bought in preparation of the house for my soon to be wife after our marriage... and because of the price surprise. Rather astonished that given a bit of effort, you can save a lot and still get good deals on them. I'd suggest that anyone out there thinking of buying new or replacing their current crop of furnitures have a snoop around the Cavenzi furtniture outlet. You'll be as staggered as me, i can bet you. Of course, by default, do also take a peek at IKEA. They sometimes provide quite a lot of quality and design for a decent price.

OPS Sikap 20 ended recently and thank God, although the death toll have gone up by 53 over the OPS Sikap 17... none of the deaths were due to accidents involving the public transportation. A pat on the back for the people of JPJ and also the bus companies. The highest death count was from the motorcylist, which seems logic since they have no protection whatsoever against any form of accident... guess my children will know later that the soon to be established household is an anti-motorcyle one. Cars... well here i must say that although they're safer than the bikes, but should a big accident occur, the death count will be higher per case as they carry more passengers on board. So likewise, the summary can be read like this; Don't ride a bike to "balik kampung", take a bus instead. If you are driving, don't be a stupid driver and put everyone who is ferrying with you at risk.

Oh, one more thing... none of the incident reported on TV had anything to do with speeding. It was always a case of some idiot just wanting to get there faster than everyone else or another idiot falling asleep behind the wheel. Idiots. Case closed